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                        ABOUT US

                        welcome to
                        Lingxian Electronic Technology Co. , Ltd.

                        Zhejiang Lingxian electronic technology Co., Ltd. is located in Hongqiao Town, the central town of Zhejiang Province, at the southern foot of Yandang Mountain, a national scenic spot. It is close to National Highway 104 and is only 50 kilometers away from Wenzhou Airport. It enjoys convenient transportation and excellent geographical location.     Our company mainly produces key switches, tact switches, micro switches, waterproof and dustproof tact switches, waterproof and dustpro…

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                        Contact information of Zhejiang Lingxian electronic technology Co., Ltd.

                        Zhejiang Lingxian electronic technology Co., Ltd.ADD:West Industrial Zone, Hongqiao Town, Yueqing CityTel: 086-577-61311700  61311800Fax: 086-577-61311900E-mail: leadshine@126.comURL:http://www.3greatgame.com           http://www.jisun.cn

                        Welcome to Zhejiang Lingxian electronic technology Co., Ltd.!

                        Welcome to Zhejiang Lingxian electronic technology Co., Ltd.!
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